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AlphaCPU ™
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Central Processing Unit

The AlphaCPU™ is a modular
seabed hydrocarbon production
system, which forms the
heart of an AlphaPRIME™
developed field. It utilises
all-electric power and
control for maximum
efficiency and reliability.
This ensures its suitability
for all field developments including deepwater applications and those requiring long tie-backs.






The AlphaCPU™ consists of the following main building blocks:

The AlphaCPU™ incorporates two or more identical autonomous
System-Modules™ that are installed into a KeyMAN™. The KeyMAN™ is attached to a field specific foundation system or base. A protection structure can be incorporated into the design if required.

Each System-Module™ includes its own power and control pod, allowing autonomous operation of the module. The System-Modules™, which are readily recoverable to the surface,ensure that Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) or re-configuration activities can be undertaken without well shutin, thereby ensuring continuous production. This is achieved by replacing one of the System-Modules™ with a spare, whilst maintaining production through the remaining System-Module™.

Connection of the System-Modules™ to the KeyMAN™ is achieved via the following wetmateable connections: multibored well-head type, fluid connectors, high voltage electrical connectors, and control/chemical connectors. The system does not use “ insert” or “component” retrievable methods as these require additional wet-mateable connections to be made up for each equipment item, thereby reducing system reliability and availability.

Alpha Thames Subsea works with the major processing equipment manufacturers; this enables the Company to utilise the latest cutting-edge processing technology and to provide state-of-the-art separation equipment within the System-Modules™.

The System-Modules™ are configured to suit the processing requirement of early field life. They can be readily retrieved and reconfigured to suit the changing reservoir characteristics at any time during field life, or to include the latest technology when it becomes available. All System-Module™ change-outs are carried out without stopping production.

The pipelines to/from the host facility and the flowlines to/from the wells are attached to the KeyMAN™. The KeyMAN™ has been designed to accept most proprietary diverless pipeline connection systems.

The AlphaCPU™ utilises conventional, field-proven technology combined with fully developed and tested electric power distribution and control equipment. The KeyMAN™, which is connected to the foundation system, contains only field proven components, whilst the controls, electrical systems and actuators are located in the readily retrievable System-Modules™.